Akane あかね Story

Akane あかね Japanese Restaurant was opened 31 years ago on March 3rd 1989 by Shin-San and his friend Abe-San. The name Akane comes from, the “A” from Abe and Kane from Shin’s last name. People have always asked what Akane means….funny enough it does not have a meaning...! It is just two names put together.

We have been very fortunate to meet many many wonderful people, local and otherwise. We really feel lucky. We sometimes have three generations of a family dining at once. When we first started, Los Altos was a sleepy town - And it still is! But over the years, we have seen it change (good changes). More young families have moved in to this area making the town busier and vibrant, especially with the technology boom here. And several times, our nexts door neighbors of both financial banks and legal firms have made offers to purchase the land, however, we feel Akane is an irreplaceable part of the community and the families who spend the time here.

Welcome to Akane, and enjoy!

Chef Shin-San and Frances